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30th Annual Pinal County Town Hall Focuses on solving the Workforce Puzzle for Pinal County!

“Pinal County's Workforce Puzzle...Preparing Today's Communities for Tomorrow's Opportunities' 24th Town Hall Gathering

Pinal County Town Hall’s primary sponsor each year is the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Anthony Smith, Dist. 4, represents the Board on the Pinal County Town Hall Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from throughout Pinal County who meet monthly to work out details for the event.

Additional details on speakers and panelists will be available soon.  Sponsorships are still available.

Economic development depends on our workforce... You will not want to miss this year's Pinal County Town Hall

Pinal County Town Hall’s Wayne G. Gerken Youth Scholarship will be awarded during the event. Town Hall offers students the opportunity to attend the event and participate in a round-table discussion to apply for the scholarship. Town Hall Advisory Committee Vice-Chair, Donna McBride in discussing the youth component of the program, stated: “Town Hall has provided a venue for young people to come together with local leaders. Helping them learn about important issues such as issues related to transportation and economic growth will help create the next generation of leaders.”


For more information please contact, Maxine Brown – Pinal County Town Hall – 480-322-1626 –

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Congratulations to Kris Mejia, Casa Grande High School and Juan Carrillo, Maricopa High School. Both Kris and Juan were part of a round table discussion, displaying leadership qualities that won each of them a $1,000 scholarship offered through Pinal County Town Hall.

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